Floors & Carpets

Fill Mop Bucket with tap water (hot water is not required). Add 1/2 Fl. Oz. of Eco-Clean per gallon of water used. Apply diluted solution liberally to floor with a clean wet mop. Wet-Vac the soiled solution or squeegee into the bucket. DO NOT rinse. After use, discard used solution into drains to also keep those clean.

With Mechanical Scrubbers or Carpet Cleaners: use 1/4 Fl. Oz. diluted per gallon of tap water in deposit.

With Pressure Washers: use 1/8 Fl. Oz. diluted per gallon of tap water in tank.

Other Surfaces

Windows, Glass Doors, Tile, Marble, Vinyl, Stainless Steel, Rubber, Granite, Plastics, etc. Fill Spray Bottle with a ratio of 1 Fl. Oz. per pint (16 Fl.Oz.) of tap water. Apply to surface and wipe clean.

Odor Control

For suppression of tobacco, food and other odors: apply a mix of 1 FL.Oz. of Eco-Clean diluted per pint (16 Fl.Oz.) of tap water either in a spray bottle, backpack, etc. Spray the source of the odors, including: carpets, upholstery, curtains, walls, ceilings, filters and other surfaces not harmed by water. It’s important to remember that Eco-Clean is NOT an odor- masking agent; therefore, total odor elimination will be the final result of using Eco-Clean.