about “green” and “safer”products vs eco-clean (a truly green and safe product)

Foam – Chemical detergents generally contain foaming agents, often toxic. Eco-Clean has none, but cleans better.

Hot Water – You don’t need it, but you may use hot water, if you prefer. Eco-Clean performs equally well with tap, warm or hot water. No heating = no additional energy costs.

Rinsing – You don’t need to waste time and money rinsing. Eco-Clean works without rinsing. No rinsing = no additional water cost.

Color – The dyes used to tint other products blue or green don’t do a thing to clean, deodorize or disinfect. Colorless Eco-Clean is truly the only “green” way to clean.

Scent - Chemicals and essential oils, regardless of what claims they may make, require a scent to mask unpleasant odors. Eco-Clean eliminates odors without the use of scents and without causing any respiratory issues.

Disinfecting & Cleaning – Many cleaning products claim to simultaneously clean and disinfect – but this is impossible. Proper disinfection requires you to first clean, then disinfect. Eco-Clean allows you to thoroughly clean an area before you decide whether disinfecting is required – in those rare cases when the possibility of an infectious disease is present.

Over-disinfection treatment – may result in the undesired elimination of “friendly” bacteria. Introducing chlorine and other disinfecting compounds into the environment is hazardous to your health and disrupts the wastewater treatment process, also resulting in high clean up costs. Eco-Clean helps to properly maintain both the “friendly” bacteria and the wastewater treatment systems.

Biocides, Pesticides, Disinfectants and Sanitizers – These harmful products can kill anything from bacteria to elephants. That’s why they require EPA approval. Eco-Clean is truly safe. It is NOT a biocide, pesticide, disinfectant, or sanitizer. It is a powerful cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer that does the job, but does not harm people, animals or plants.

Bacterial Products versus Eco-Clean – Products that add a comparatively small number of bacteria are expensive and inefficient. Eco-Clean works by helping existing “friendly” bacteria to efficiently do their job, at a much more affordable price.

Certification of Safer Products - Eco-Clean truly is a completely safe versus “safer” product, as is claimed by other chemical and bacterial product companies. Eco-Clean is neither a chemical nor a bacterial product; that’s why it is beyond the certification capabilities of entities that generally certify chemicals.

“The Proof of the Pudding is in the Tasting” – Once you have tried and used Eco-Clean, the benefits outlined above will become self-evident. Enjoy Eco-Clean, the truly green, safe, efficient and cost-effective -- better -- solution.