frequently asked questions

What is Eco-Clean?

Eco-Clean, a non-active biocatalyst, is one of the most advanced and safest cleaning products available today. The product formulation is the result of over 20 years of research and development in environmental biotechnology; not only is it environmentally safe, but additionally, it’s environmentally beneficial.

Why is Eco-Clean considered to be so safe?

Eco-Clean is totally safe on two separate fronts: First, the product itself is very stable, non-hazardous and biodegradable; it is all-natural, non-toxic, non- flammable, non-corrosive and non-active (it doesn’t contain microorganisms). Secondly, Eco-Clean can actually improve the physical safety of a plant or facility by eliminating accumulations of grease and oils that can cause floors and other surfaces to become slick and dangerous. Eco-Clean also is totally safe to handle, and is harmless to humans (no gloves or other equipment are required, and no slick surfaces remain), pets, other animals and plants.

How does Eco-Clean Work?

Eco-Clean cleans and deodorizes by stimulating naturally occurring microorganisms to efficiently digest organic compounds, converting them into carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O) and other harmless inorganic salts. Eco-Clean will improve the overall level of sanitation, by breaking down

organic and inorganic buildup left by food and beverage residues and removing odors, thereby also eliminating the elements which can attract flies and roaches.

How do I use Eco-Clean?

Eco-Clean is a Cleaner, Degreaser and Deodorizer, which may be applied by any type of sponge, mop, sprayer, scrubber, pressure washer, etc. Eco-Clean may be used to either clean, degrease and deodorize (without leaving any scent) any surface on which water may be used.

How often should I use Eco-Clean?

Eco-Clean is an ongoing maintenance product, and should be used each time you clean, degrease or deodorize. Eco-Clean is not to be considered a one-time “magic” solution, but rather an ongoing cleaning, degreasing and deodorizing maintenance product; the more it’s used, the better it works.

What are some other advantages of using Eco-Clean?

Eco-Clean is extremely efficient and cost-effective. It will not require rinsing because it doesn’t foam, and does not require hot or warm water. Eco-Clean is not a disinfectant, but if you need to use one, you can do so after cleaning, degreasing and deodorizing with Eco-Clean.