Eco-Pragma offers an exciting and rewarding opportunity for Sales Entrepreneurs

Sales professionals who may be looking to start their own businesses, taking advantage of their expertise with distributors and end users, now have a unique opportunity to become “Master Distributors” or “Distributors” of Eco-Clean, a non-active biocatalyst product, based on a totally different and more advanced technology than detergents or bacterial / enzymatic products used for cleaning and deodorizing, that are currently available in the market.

Eco-Clean is the safest and most efficient / economical cleaning, degreasing and deodorizing product; it is based on a new, truly green and safe technology that is ideal for the general maintenance of facilities and equipment. Distributors can expect to garner substantial profits, while offering their clients great savings and multiple other benefits.

Eco-Clean is a truly safe and “green” product, more economical that other conventional ones, and unique in the market with no other similar products to compete with. Eco-Clean is a very versatile product that can be utilized in:

  • Homes & Business: General Cleaning / Maintenance
  • Transportation: Planes / Buses / Trains / Trucks / Cars / Containers / Boats / Ships·
  • Hospitality/Recreation: Hotels / Restaurants / Fast Food / Cruise Ships / Airports
  • Wastewater: Drains / Grease Traps / Septic Tanks / Portable Sanitation
  • Water Remediation: Lakes / Ponds / Lagoons / Rivers / Canals / Harbors
  • Solid Waste: Hauling / Transfer Stations / Landfills / Composting
  • Farms: Poultry / Cattle / Hogs / Fish / Dairy / Feedlots / CAFOs
  • Food Processing: Rendering / Fish / Pet Food / Canning
  • Industrial Plants: Chemical / Oil / Pharmaceutical / Pulp & Paper / Beverages / Printing

If any of the above applications interest you, please contact us for additional information. Eco-Pragma LLC manufactures and sells Eco-Clean through independent contractors around the US and abroad. This is truly one of the most exciting and progressive business opportunities available today - please contact us:

Eco-Pragma LLC
Tel. 786-361-3460